Our logo is always black or white. The logo is never shown in any other colors. The background, however, may be any color. For most branding purposes, the background is a gradient from pink (#FCF) (RGB 255, 204, 255) to blue (#CFF) (RGB 204, 255, 255).

Download our logo in the following formats: AI or PNG

How to Use Our Logo

When using our logo with other logos or graphic elements, maintain a safety space equal to the width of the trailing 's' in our logo's typography.

It's easy to correctly size and position the AUDMONSTERS logo for use in album artwork. To find the correct spacing from the corner of the composition, simply use the aforementioned logo safety space rules. To size the logo correctly, adjust it until three AUDMONSTERS logos can fit flush in the space remaining between the logo you're placing and the opposite edge of the composition. Remember, if the AUDMONSTERS logo doesn't mesh stylistically or compositionally with your album artwork, it's ok to omit it.

Usage Guidelines

Do not modify or alter the AUDMONSTERS logo or use it in a confusing way, including suggesting sponsorship or endorsement by AUDMONSTERS unless authorized, or in a way that confuses AUDMONSTERS with another brand. Use our official and unmodified AUDMONSTERS logo to represent AUDMONSTERS.


  • Add effects to the logo
  • Change the color of the logo
  • Overprint or obstruct the logo
  • Add text or other elements inside the logo's safety space
  • Rotate the logo

Fonts and Typography

Headers and callouts use Audrey Script. In cases where Audrey Script is unreadable, or is for any other reason undesirable, U.S. 101 is an acceptable fallback. Body text uses Helvetica Neue. If Helvetica Neue is unavailable on your system, Arial is an acceptable fallback.


  • Do not use the AUDMONSTERS logo in any online avatars or in the background of a page
  • Capitalize AUDMONSTERS and use it as one word


The AUDMONSTERS Design and Branding Team would like to thank the developers of Soundmanager 2, Owl Carousel, and RSS2HTML for their hard work.